The Contest:

iC3D celebrates the innovative. We are calling all designers to bring their most innovative packages to life using iC3D.

Client X is a luxury beauty company that has limited-edition releases of several of their designer products to mark their 50th anniversary.


Design a primary package for either a:
signature fragrance
exclusive makeup
or high-end nail lacquer
to be marketed to the company’s VIP clients.


The product name, style and design are up to you. However, the packaging must clearly be marketed as a limited edition or a 50th anniversary piece.

Note: you are able to contact for technical assistance as well as the tutorial library that will help get you started.

The winner will receive a one year subscription of iC3D including an exclusive web training session valued at over $15,500.

Designs will be featured at the 2018 How Design Live Conference. One Submission per participating company.

Submission deadline: April 20, 2018