Features & Modules

iC3D is available in 2 modules


The only all-in-one software that produces fast, accurate and photorealistic 3D virtual prototypes or press-ready proofs in minutes.

iC3D Carton

Import cutter profiles, adjust fold angles and cuts, apply carton materials and spot FX, and visualize it all on-the-fly in 360 degrees.

Features/modules iC3D iC3D Carton
Complete 3D "Real-Time" Visualisation - Bottles, Bags, Cartons, Tins, Shrink, POS, Shelf

"All-in-one" 3D Ideation, Design and production solution for Packaging Creatives. No additional 3rd Party software required, just Adobe illustrator and iC3D

Floating Licences / Mac or Windows

Install on multiple Mac/Windows. License by amount of concurrent users required

Easy to Learn & Use - one application

No prior 3D knowledge required. Creative Cloud users learn iC3D in a couple of days

3D Shape Modeller Module

Easily create your own 3D packaging models – no matter how complex

Point Editor / Physics Module

Advanced manipulation of 3D models, meshes/surfaces. Create realistic creasing, dents

Carton/Box/POS Module

Allows import of Dielines, editing, cuts, folds, corrections, artwork placement, animation

Labelling Module

Allows import and interactive patented sliding / placement of labels on 3D models

Flexible Bags Module

Allows 3D models to be created, imported & labels/artwork interactively positioned

Shrink, Shrink Correction Module

Create shrink film/wrap - accurately visualise, distort & correct artwork for print

Sealed Shrink Bag Module

Accurately create sealed bags with artwork correction for fresh food products

Shelf Visualiser Module

Create, place, visualise & compare with other versions or competitors products

"Real Time Ray Tracing" Module

Photographic quality rendering in real time. Adjust lighting, materials & view instantly

3D Model Library

Bottles, Bags, Cartons, Tins, Containers, Trigger Spray, Caps, Ring Pulls, Display Tray

Materials, Textures Library

Plastics, Metallics, Liquids, Glass, Wood, Paper, Card. Customizable, Unlimited Materials

Carton Substrate Library

Single & Double Sided Substrates, Edges, Customizable, Unlimited

3D Template Library - iC3D

Bottles, Flexible Bags, Tins, Tubes, Magazines, DVD’s, Pallets, Shelving, Shrink, Modelling

3D Template Library - iC3D Carton Edition

Cartons, Credit Cards, Envelopes, Booklets, Display Trays, POS / POP

2D Spinner

Create Spherical Bottles, Tins, Shapes & Conical Labels. Import (DXF, CF2) Files

Adobe illustrator Bi Directional Link

Fast artwork placement & Shrink distortion between Illustrator and iC3D / iC3D Carton

PDF Native Import Editor/Renderer

Position any PDF artwork directly on 3D model. Hide PDF layers to create desired result

Import Formats 3D

Collada (.DAE./ZAE), Modo (.LXO), 3ds Max (.3ds), 3ds Max (.ase), Wavefront (.obj), LightWave (.lwo), Milkshape 3D (.ms3d), Ic3d (.ic3), STL (.stl)

Import Formats Die Line

Illustrator, PDF, DXF, CF2 files, (ArtiosCAD via Esko plugin) & other CAD programmes

Import STL - 3D Printer Files

Enables 3D printer files to be checked for problems and costly errors prior to printing

Illustrator Layers Effects

Separate layers & spot colors can be used for special visual & print finishing effects

UVW Editor

Allows artwork to be correctly distorted to fit any 3D model shape

Bump Displacement

True Emboss and Deboss effects (surface deformation) on labels, cartons & 3D models

Lenticular, Holographic, Fresnel Effects

Allows security and special foil and image effects to be applied, edited and visualized

Correction Tools - image & print beautification

Hide back labels. Global /local color correction. White ink /transparency visualization

Liquid & Flexible Fill Effect

Allows effects of liquid and content filling to bags and bottles to be visualized

Floor Reflections

Generate photographic quality product reflections (fully adjustable studio effects)

Interactive Studio Lighting

Create your own photo studio. Add /edit lights, color, shadows, angles, fades & opacity

Dynamic Backgrounds

Use any 2D background picture together with your 3D content. Generate HDRI maps

Transform Features

Allows accurate position, scale, rotate, zoom & distortion of 3D models

Real World Lighting / HDRI Environments

Image Based Lighting. For accurate visualisation of lighting conditions on 3D models

Camera Movement

Pitch, Yaw, Zoom & Field of View, individually controlled freehand or incrementally

Animation / Recording

Create professional .MOV movies for marketing, displays, checking fold sequences etc.

Export PDF, 3D PDF, Collada, OBJ, DAE

Export to Photoshop and production workflows, for proofs or further editing

Export Hi-Res Images & Augment Feature

Print high quality print ready images - JPG, PNG, TIFF. Upload data into the Opsis cloud

Export 3D Printer Files

Print menu for 3D printers to create rigid prototypes of your IC3D 3D Visualisations

3D Web Viewer Application - iC3D Opsis

Share 3D Cloud content with clients, stakeholders and view on computer, tablet, phone

"iC3D handled the shrink with ease, and produced a good 3D render, with accurate lighting effects in just 19 minutes."
"iC3D provides us the potential to offer our customers photo realistic virtual packaging in 3D format"
"iC3D offers real internal and external added value. It gives us an economic way to capture potential errors early"
"Because it creates truly accurate virtual prototypes, using iC3D means we don’t need to create as many physical ones, which saves both time and money."